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Cats, art, earthquakes.....
We had an earthquake here in OKC while I was sleeping (thank goodness) Earthquakes terrify me!

On the bright side, I took two pieces, Duet and Queen of Silk from 'first done' to final done yesterday--yay! So if I'm adding in the Madari piece as pretty much done (well, it is really close) that means I am half-way done with the pieces for Book 3 of the Zarryiostrom: Marionette.
I also started a new painting of Aveliad yesterday as well, that will be the cover for my next art book, as well as going in Book 3.

edited to add: Well, yeah, apparently I can't count. So with the new Madari piece it will only be 9 paintings done so far for the book. sigh...... So I'm not half done. This is so frustrating. Book 3 is AWESOME--by FAR the best in the series, and the hold up is silly me with the silly art. Steven's already into chapter 3 of Book 4. Gah, I wish I painted faster!

And lastly, I leave here a photo of several of my cats milling around before feeding time. It was taken a while ago, because my beloved Ambar is still alive in the photo (sad).
From left to right, the cats are: Greylordling, Little Dude, Baby Blackfel, Ambar, and Cassira-boodles.


Now, I'm armed with a nice hot cup of lemon zinger herb tea, so I'd better get to work....
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